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LaPetiteWolfe Colorado I get told I must be psychic regularly. I tend to shake it off as just hyperawareness… but I wonder sometimes… my ancestors were burned and stoned for their “heathen” knowledge of the earth, their ability to understand more than what’s said… so maybe I really am a witch. 🦄Manifesting Magic👩🏻‍💻#EpicFantasy #indieauthor📚🏳️‍🌈🇨🇦*Métis*🧑🏼‍🎤*she*🪐Sneak Peek of Ascend: ⭐️Gravesend: Halloween 2021🎃
fionadrysdale59 Linlithgow, Scotland @scottiejan @suzywoozy13 Showing my mother in law our office and she says oh this must be John’s desk, I thought she must be psychic until she pointed out the drawers were not closed properly Wannabe artist and design goddess and Director of No Guru Ltd in my spare time
AlexExile10 Bedfordshire @Minxymissy @t_mandolorian Ha ! I was going to message you tomorrow to say are you still fine for the cake ! And i changed my pinned tweet I think, so @t_mandolorian must be a psychic !!! 🤣 Amateur Baker, if you need a cake send me a DM ! In Beds, Bucks, Northants or Cambs ? I can deliver it too !! #CreweAlex #BeKind ➿ Insta : MidnightBaker69
DavidBo79617849 @RestingTwitFace @ABarone245 GFY huh? Kinky.(How'd you know I was long enough for that? You must be psychic.)As far as r/t goes, I believe that the musings of a fool should go unfettered. My approval of mindless drivel is not necessary and easily destroyed by facts later. Awesome sexy chat Amy. You GFY too😍 Investigator , original thinker, freedom advocate
mishellgarseeya Not me still holding onto some hope of finding my "tribe" bc of a psychic I talked to a few months back 😅 I don't feel like I've found it yet only ones I've tried to force myself into and I'm done doing that now it must be why my friendships don't last Poeta nascitur, non fit.
treezerann United Kingdom @ThamesVP outside station, trying to assist you in your request/appt at 11am… after trying and trying , been waiting over an hour and you don’t appear to be responding……I think I know what your next letter will say. Must be psychic.
kerryb Ipswich, UK Ooh, my psychic powers must be improving. Five minutes ago I thought “he probably just chose his words badly – not sure why he doesn’t just apologise”, and now apparently he has. I do computering
gruler Phoenix, AZ @FluffyisElite @SeanParnellUSA I read all the articles I was sent. Interesting to a point, but nothing in them changes what is happening and has happened in the real world. I can't help it if you think you know what I did or didn't do. You must be psychic. Proud Father of two: Daughter, ND Grad, working in NYC! Son at Purdue! Awesome Wife of 30+ years! FYI, MASKS DON'T WORK...
D_Milky Welland, Ontario @Steve_Dangle holy crap I just got to the point in the new podcast where you talked about Montreal and Berg. Considering this was pre draft, you must be a psychic when it comes to teams doing dumb crap. Hockey, Batman, and all things nerdy.
Sheilaclark122 U S of A baby This is my worst nightmare. In fact, I had a dream that a spider was on my window and it kind of looked like this except it was jet black. You must be psychic. Direct Message=BLOCK #JesusKnows #WeThePeople #RN #freedom 2a #selenagomez DonaldTrump #truth conservative TrumpWon MAGA #America #US Parler: Steinr36
Kevavfc1993 Birmingham @SubbuteoP Yeah they've actually sent me a text telling me I can bring it forward and how to change it. They must be psychic or something K1 Holte End STH 💜💙 Runner 🏃‍♂️ Instagram - Kevavfc1993
LaPetiteWolfe Colorado I get told I must be psychic regularly. I tend to shake it off as just hyperawareness… but I wonder sometimes… my ancestors were burned and stoned for their “heathen” knowledge of the earth, their ability to understand more than what’s said… so maybe I really am a witch. 🦄Manifesting Magic👩🏻‍💻#EpicFantasy #indieauthor📚🏳️‍🌈🇨🇦*Métis*🧑🏼‍🎤*she*🪐Sneak Peek of Ascend: ⭐️Gravesend: Halloween 2021🎃
GMacL114 Brisbane I admire Zarah Sultana, Jon Trickett and Ian Lavery a great deal. They r decency personified so they must be under enormous psychic pressure staying in the same Party as the likes of Starmer & Evans. Irish supporter of feminism, Gay rights,Trans rights Palestine & all the marginalized Life long socialist with an interest in philosophy esp Roy Bhaskar's work
ReyofShadow 🟥 🍁 🟥🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @Lilfellow25 You must be a psychic; you're able to gauge tone, intent and my entire psychology towards collecting from a single tweet that's subtextually responding to a few lines in an interview that's only relevant to a handful of my followers that I saw posting about.
uhshanti "the cisco" @personopolis @graue so far I've only thought of "become a murbie" what I would give to have the psychic relief of believing that the current mode of production is great and must simply be unleashed lost my shape trying to act casual • legislative + comms dir @tenantstogether • @sf_clt • @dsa_sf • @sflafco • alum @berniesanders • marxist-yinzerist • she/her
shakira_lopez1 No because I must be forking psychic because I JUST TALKED ABOUT YESTERDAY IF MINGI DOES A VLIVE ILL BE SAD IF I MISSED IT AND HE DID and I missed it 🙃 AND I missed Yunho’s vlive. 𝐘𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐬𝐨 𝐠𝐨𝐥𝐝𝐞𝐧 || Multifandom
Pierssy Forest of Dean UK @zachzoe64 @Mark_J_Harper How did you know I was a 'pisspot' you must be psychic. Many nightclubs hold far more than 650, plus they are more densely packed and people are dancing (aerobic exercise). My guess is you don't know what a nightclub is like because your mum won't let you go to one.
bills59_sara Oxford, MS @PartlySunnyDee @VanillaBits42 Thank you! And you must be psychic. I am obsessed with the minions US Navy Veteran. College Student. Loves to travel. Love my country, hate my government. I love Europe, P!nk, Gymnastics, sports.
breannamillerrr So at work today I obvi stalk my tables from afar to see what they need, and I brought this guy a refill and dead bottom he says “omg you must be a psycho” and I was like awww who told you and he goes “oh no I meant psychic”
maguism Reading, PA @StrokerAcesGirl You must be friend who filed her taxes 2 weeks before me finally got notification today that they did an adjustment and she will have her money in 8 days ...she lost 800$ but still better than not knowing maybe I'm next 😊 mother,nurse ,friend,DIE HARD EAGLES FAN....i am blessed to have 2 of the most amazing women in my daughters. i am so very proud of both of them. !!!!
wakaranai It might be useful to stop talking so much about what I know and open myself up to Real relationships. My psychic sponge nature will help me use my brain at full capacity. I must take advantage of this inquisitive and creative energy.
Ben_Turvey1967 LA/ London I just went on a date with a lovely lady. But when I told her my last name she burst into laughter and said, 'Oh my god, THAT's who you remind me of!' Then she had to rush to a 'family emergency'. I think she must be psychic, because her phone didn't even ring. UK/US Film Maker
mpourmahram Islamic Republic of Iran “The chief patient I’m preoccupied with is “me”.This analysis is more difficult than any other. It‘s in fact,what paralyses my psychic strength for describing & communicating what I have won so far.Still,I believe it must be done and is a necessary intermediate stage in my work.” Psychology Student, Writer/English Translator, Painter, and rookie Guitarist. 🕵🏻‍♀️💭🗝📜🖋🕯🛋 🎭 🎨 🎸 #Psychoanalysis #Art #ReturnToFreud
KarenAttiah Texas I don't know who needs to hear this... and I don't know if I'm expressing it right but... Stop looking for psychic nourishment from people who take pleasure in emotionally starving themselves and others. Not everyone is friend or family. Some people are just walking famines. Columnist, @WashingtonPost | | Aspiring Muay Thai fighter | Human companion of Artemis the 😺
fionadrysdale59 Linlithgow, Scotland @scottiejan @suzywoozy13 Showing my mother in law our office and she says oh this must be John’s desk, I thought she must be psychic until she pointed out the drawers were not closed properly Wannabe artist and design goddess and Director of No Guru Ltd in my spare time
GoldenCityGames ÜT: 38.947968,-92.329995 I just heard on that radio here in the #BayArea that @Simone_Biles has already won gold medals in #Tokyo2020. Either that DJ has psychic powers or the radio station I was listening to has a time travel machine and has already visited the future! #Olympics 🤣 📻🧐🤔 🤸🏼‍♀️ Olympic geek, fan of dogs, lover of lemonade. Long Beach State/Mizzou grad. From Santa Cruz. Opinions are my own.
psychic_whore When I was drunk I somehow let the guy I’m seeing add me on my 8th grade Facebook and I will never hear the end of this one please take your shoes off before you enter my soul
TheMichelleBao a woman on the street chased me down and told me my aura was way too intense and that i needed a lot of guidance so i should go to her for a $100 psychic reading. i’ll forever wonder if she actually believed that or if she just spied a coming-of-age gal with colorful eyeliner please refrain from perceiving me | she/her | usually @stanford but currently wandering | prev @NYTimesRD, @ACLU
CarinaeConjure Chicago, IL Used @YungBayleaf Psychic Oil and Conjuria Fiery Wall of Protection Oil in combination yesterday on my Ori and wrapped in a white scarf while working a 10 hour event yesterday. I felt balanced and had energy the entire time. Usually very drained after an event and I feel good. Cartomancy Counselor + Conjurer| Adornment Conjurer | Diviner + Medium| Lucumi Apetebi 💫 If you are here, the ancestors have a message for you 💫
giselle_abelena 'ma give it how you like it I know you in my future, girl, I'm psychic Hit it from the back, and after that, I let you ride it I'm deep inside it, and even in public, I want you private @selenagomez Selena Venus Goddess
amalgamary the Bay Area @katgyrl @MsSynched @Katie_Bunni @dreamingnoctis there is a dude in the profile header and no pronouns in bio, I'm not forking psychic Too fickle for a favorite focus; fair to say I fancy fiction, fairness, freethought, flair, feminism, and followers. she/her | BLM | defund the police
jalyneebach United States Minor Outlying Islands @Forbes He was also farting while he was sitting there and he was uncomfortable because he had to crap. There was a decent sized turd just prairie doggin away while he was trying to get through this. I’m a psychic and see all. I can see bits of the future.RT’s do not necessarily mean endorsements or that I’ve done tiresome research on the tweeter.I tweet bathroom humor & I expose hate
WHlZZ3RBROWN it/whiz/he | male will i be knocked out if i say pokemon go oops i dont think it is, but i can’t remember what one i played when i was like 5 so thatll do mudkip dark and psychic mewtwo and yveltal tbh Andrew Rannells 💭..
Yog_shi For some reason, until just now, I never realized the mangaka of Ghost Sweeper Mikami and Psychic Squad were the same person, and just thought they happened to share a name the older you get, the dumber you realize you've always been Old and worn, but cartoons and bad jokes keep me going. all R-18 stuf @rakishcrypt / Functional alcoholic, Recovering academic. / Presumptuously a friend.
KILLBILLEVOL1 Omg 5H 😭 I had a psychic tell me that she says me surrounded by small children and I had another one tell me that I need to be more active on youtube and Tik Tok the girl with the prison tattoos who likes to talk to herself • trust in God, but tie your camel • Leo moon/rising • beat maker • paper cut survivor
s_rerun I want them to experiment with it and bring me back to life as a Omni human who is also part animal and has psychic powers Your favorite crackhead has arrived❤ She/They/It, Black, Non-Binary, nblm, dats me in the pfp
darrenrobinson Los Angeles @OoooPretty @guizin51689422 @safemoon Mark’s an academic. 100% no-nonsense and as organized as possible - hence sounding that way. He also corrected Ryan when Ryan couldn’t express himself if you’ll recall. So unless Mark’s psychic, I’d imagine that’s a hard thing to script out. Guitarist @phantomplanet | Guitar Teacher | IG @phantomdarren | Crypto Enthusiast |
WilliamNemetIII Lincoln Park, Michigan, USA So I am watching The A-Team episode and Face is scamming a hospital stay for B.A. and his name is Lothar Quinn, a daytime soap opera star, also had a guest role on Search for Tomorrow that played a pro quarterback turned psychic. I am going to start using Lothar Quinn. @MrT :) Satanist ⛧ Registered Member of the Church of Satan @ChurchofSatan 🜏 Warlock Academy🤘 BGotHB 💀 ToV Dayside Vampire 🦇
OwlLunch Bi • ⚧ • 20 • Jodie Honestly im such a flip flopper, bc i love Infernape a lot too but Decidueye just has it going on Ghost type thts dual with grass And its an owl like tht craps fiyahhh I like noctowl too but it pisses me off how its pure flying normal with like Some meager psychic coverage 😭 Halfrican American • She/Her • My favorite video game franchise is Fire Emblem • Warning: I post a lot • banner by me
neocityhyuck she/her ! 17 i’m scared my dad went to a psychic when he was out in czech and hes gonna tell me some stuff ♡HAECHAN & JI♡
oz_theboss @UsicccSerghei @EihabKk @ZestyCODLeaks I'm sorry are you psychic? You cannot say for sure how it will go, likely or not. We were talking about the investors call in a few days and how the suit will be ignored, and bot about its dismissal or lack there of. Perhaps some reading comprehension skills could do you good.
nikicaga Kleve, Deutschland Today I am experiencing the psychic terrorism of a rolling ratio dogpile. My notifications are an endless stream of surreal names, Murica memes, and general libertarianness. But spiritually I am unfazed, because my country's eagle has two heads, and theirs has but one 21, from 🇷🇸, studying Bioengineering in 🇩🇪 Progressive, Incrementalist #1 Senator Jon Ossoff simp bi, he/him ↙️↙️↙️ 🧦 🌐🌹 alt: @nikolajsalt
AdeleSparo United States I’m going to play psychic for a minute…I bet they are going to make kids wear masks in school in the fall because supposed “covid” rates are “up” and they will talk about locking us down. I need to move so I can actually have a life. Late discovery adoptee in reunion/rejection. America first #treatothersthewayyouwanttobetreated. #TRUMP#ProudPatriot 🇺🇸
YeshuaHand @vader_brand @5StarVictory @JohnA75505056 @ReviewDork @Loutelevision Lou calls the stock market, like a scam psychic does a reading 😂 "Let me see, I see something that is going up, or maybe going down, you do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around that's what it's all about, oootoo, I told you guys, Relax, transmephadites and stalagmites."
npdemers Vancouver, BC @dogpants2000 @myhometoy @Finajack @PoliticalBee @AdamKingXV @mrstrangefact You think that's the only way to read it? 1. the horse comes in on his own (because he's psychic or w/ever) and the staff just lets it happen 2. the staff is doing it but it's a bad idea because animals shouldn't be near sick people I read #2, btw. Web developer, gay, atheist, humanist, feminist, geek. Love volleyball, sci-fi, photography. He/him.
CriticalReikan LV 26, she/her Going thru a lot of red tape and dealing with a lot of stuff rn Can y'all send positive vibes and memes? Maybe something that you appreciate that I do? Bc I feel really helpless and useless rn and being deadnamed and misgendered so much is doing some psychic damage ;~; ✊🏼 Be gay. Do crime🏴🏳️‍⚧️ Art Tag: #Art4Rei 💝 NSFW Tag: #ReiHub 💜 @livestylevt, @nyashvt manager 💖 Marketing Consultant 💜
HookerPig I mean you had to go that low to copycat my psychic dream, and turn it around on me in court? You lied right in front of the judges face, and abused the victim impact statement. You are a evil pig, that loves to play a victim, and wants everybody to feel sorry for you. Pathetic Just an account lol
HenderShawn @KnowNothingTV @AnaKasparian I love it when people online say crap like "its clear that....blablabla", as if they're totally psychic or have some first hand knowledge nobody else in the world has about said thing that is so clear to them...intellectual intellect at its very finest. And so often 100% wrong. I like my politics like I like my music: progressive. I like my sports teams like I like my IPA: From the PNW
Paradigm8472 Indianapolis IN @kramer_susan She’ll have a car so she will be mobile but it’s more a) I’m used to living alone so having someone in my space for 9 days is a lot and b) she’s…a lot. Many folks don’t like her cuz she’s very vocal and gives spur of the moment psychic readings whether u want one or not I curse a lot. Only occasionally funny. Feeling hopeful for 2021 but humans like to screw crap up so who knows. NY born Italian. Sci-fi nerd #BidenHarris 🏳️‍🌈