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Annaleen California This was a chance for @charliejane and I to gush about how much we loved #TheGoodPlace but also to talk about ethical fantasies, afterlife comedy, and why capitalism sent everybody to hell. I write science fiction and nonfiction. Author: Future of Another Timeline. Contributor: @nytopinion. Podcast: @ooacpod. Founder: @io9. They/Them. I ❤️ noodles.
rickygervais Earth Today is #MentalHealthNursesDay2020 All the lovely tweets and letters I received about #AfterLife helped me realise just how many people you meet everyday are grieving or have some sort of mental health issue. 1 in 4, actually. You are not alone. Godless Ape. Writer. Director. Actor. Comedian. #TheOffice #Extras #Derek #Humanity #AfterLife #SuperNature
cox_tom Remember: if you visit an independent bookshop, browse a book then go home and buy it cheaper on amazon, you will spend the afterlife trapped in a cold warehouse. Author: 21st-Century Yokel (2017), Help The Witch (2018), Ring The Hill (2019), Notebook (2020). Shirley Jackson Horror Writing award winner.
DavidAmdurer4 Dallas, TX So let me pay a church or synagogue to stand in a room and pray to a “god” that no one can see for an “afterlife”.. right that makes a lot of sense Family 1st, raising awareness to those coping w/ mental health issues Invest across industries, passion raising $$ for talented people to live their dreams.
ExtremeLawliet ✎ #Sᴇʀᴀᴘʜ - @RainfallHeritor ー♤ HFBBFBF I MEAN YEAH... don't get me wrong he's still absolutely not all together mentally , but I'll give him points for effort - he's using his afterlife for good (and to annoy people like Rui-) 「Wᴏʀʟᴅ's Gʀᴇᴀᴛᴇsᴛ Cʀɪᴍɪɴᴀʟ • Hᴀʟғ Sʜɪɴɢᴀᴍɪ」 『Iғ ᴏɴʟʏ I ᴄᴏᴜʟᴅ sᴇᴇ ᴛʜᴇ Dᴇᴀᴛʜ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ Wᴏʀʟᴅ.』
inosukeith she/her I think a lot about the afterlife, like what if i could travel to fictional worlds and meet people who I physically couldn't as a human, or live in places i could only imagine and dream of on earth, bc i refuse to believe the afterlife is as boring as earth but peaceful idk 😭 see you in the dot over the i
DannyBeeeeeeee Virginia, USA @gruevy It’s the “in detail” that I don’t see the point in spending too much time on and for primarily only afterlife stuff. Existential questions are good but I don’t have much interest in eschatological ones. We’re all different and have unique interests. I’m only presenting my view I love politics and religion. Advocate for mental health. I have recurring nightmares about bear attacks and I think that’s hilarious. 2 Kings 2:23-24
tassadar7945 Las Vegas, NV @BrianJoseph27 @neemeyer_j @tas0417 @Canes @PNCArena You are the only one that believes i hate white people. See the difference between you and me is, I can make a distinction between people and the group. You can't. But go on being a hateful bigot! I do hope that whatever afterlife awaits you can forgive your hate. Happy Trails! Early 30s Gamer, She/Her, Trans AF and Proud
HypraSeaPea he/they @lunchmonger I really like the idea of it, and I think of all ideas of the afterlife that's the one I most want to be true. Going up to a second plane or being a ghost just sounds kind of odd to me, cause then i would know for a fact that i have to be that forever Brand promoter for FOX TV & my opinions are representative of Amy Poehler i think people should be able to kill eachother with no consequence
gomer21xx Florida If he gets everyone killed, either by mass hysteria or the actual virus, I'm gonna find him in the afterlife and beat his ass! Podcaster, host of Thespian Talk! And even more! He/Him. #HollyVerified
FrostyPastor Pocono Mountains, PA @johnDiBiase Hey, sitting in a theatre at Regal and saw a preview for Ghostbusters Afterlife. Hadn’t heard they were even making another one. Thought of you. Peace. Ordained Minister of Word & Sacrament in the Lutheran Church since 1982. Grateful to be a child of a loving God, husband of a loving wife. @LFC @Mets @Chargers
StoriesOfLifeA7 Watch their amazing video stories of how they witnessed the afterlife. Some witnessed Heaven, some witnessed Hell. They proclaim that Heaven and Hell are REAL! Visit <People who have survived a Near Death Experience share their remarkable stories on video. Their experiences in Heaven (or Hell) are astonishing.
HypraSeaPea he/they Though, usually, there's an afterlife with a bit more meat to it than that. I wouldn't mind that. It's certainly a comforting thought. I just don't personally think that's the case. Not at the moment, at least. It seems a bit too fairy tale and ideal. Brand promoter for FOX TV & my opinions are representative of Amy Poehler i think people should be able to kill eachother with no consequence
jack_farris Also makes the point that “old time religion” was no more than a ploy to frighten the ignorant. Why be ignorant? Is waiting for the afterlife really more important than enacting real change here and now? #forkReligion we’ve moved beyond the Bronze Age, right?
IAM_JamesM Austin, Texas Held court with Father God and The Seraphim up in His courtyard. He reminded me who I AM. Told me my purpose, gave me this position. Spent hours w/them one night, it was the day God offered me this job. He showed me my place afterlife, its so beautiful. You'll have to come visit! Working w/God to make the world a better place, doing miracles. Creating thru Aswan Creations, Ministering thru JM Ministry #ChangingTheWorld #ForHisGlory😇
LeatonWill Simi Valley, CA Listening to Afterlife again, and hearing The Rev sing "I need another chance to live!" At the end of the bridge...really hits... Will
YungVanillaBar The Abyss @EliteSalter My one goal in life is to have my life ended slowly and painfully by the hands of A2 herself once the apocalypse comes or by some random hot A2 cosplayer that I come across. That’ll be the day I remember in the afterlife i entertain with my stupidity. Watch Gintama
MrsHockstetter I get nervous about the afterlife because what if there’s some kids playing with a Ouija board and I’m the only ghost around to answer and then what if I misspell something and look like a fork up???? There’s no backspace on a Ouija board and that stresses me out I don’t like the way that man in The Shining treated his family
caseyirenee Somewhere & Nowhere @Nobodys_Foolx It just means you accepted it tbh. I mean it can’t be all that bad. I’m not religious by any means but I do believe there is a afterlife and it’s probably just one big party. I’ve had friends here and there pass away and I know they visit and play pranks on me. I’m always falling down the rabbit hole. let’s make pretty art and have a tea party under the big blue sky.
OmniGlitter Central Wisconsin, U.S.A. What better way to take your mind off of the #coronavirus #pandemic than by watching #KindredSpirits? If the virus kills me imma use my afterlife to fork with Trump and Pence and their enablers with every supernatural power at my disposal. Just saying. Music cleanses the soul. Reading heightens empathy. Question authority. Resist & Persist. Loki Lives. The Force is with us. Also, GO PACK GO!
OdoyleCharlotte Soviet Florida @marolan Evangeligal views of the Afterlife vary, but all envision only themselves in a Paradise of God's Presence. All others are expected to burn in Hell for all Eternity. They work to hasten the Apocalypse that ushers in their World Rule and Heavenly Paradise. 👇 Time to Panic! #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #NoNazis #RussiaNyet #PatriotsResist🇺🇸 #AntiFa
SumSumInc Edmonton Finally getting around to watching #AfterLife and I’m erect because I know @rickygervais won’t least I hope that’s why Karma is King
Kittters Baton Rouge, LA @rednickcarl And I got u right back babe, we will support each other through the afterlife 𝒑𝒖𝒏𝒌 𝒂𝒔𝒔 𝒆𝒒𝒖𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒓𝒊𝒂𝒏 // 𝒛𝒐𝒏𝒆 𝟽 // 𝒘𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 // 22 //scorpio | Bart + Ben + Chuckie (horseless n sad) pan🏳️‍🌈 @trasheqanon is wife
haloshade @Sekretsu After I become an old relic and go to the afterlife, I'm still gonna go on about how lovely and amazing you are. Haunt places and be like "Psst I know this really neat mfer--" Artist 🕸 Occasionally rewteets NSFW 🕸 Hiyo Haver of the world's best husband
Yaya__SG Suzano, Brasil @MG_daliaa it would be even better if all of it was in present time not after 20 years apart and in the afterlife REDBUBBLE: VANDAL:
Nahlotzulek Taranaki Region, New Zealand We have one (1) person infected with COVID-19 and the whole country is in a total panic. Shelves are empty, people are spending hundreds on stocking up, and I just want to face-palm myself into the afterlife. Ary 27 🇳🇿 What it says on the tin. I play video games, shiny hunt and scream about BL pretty much all the time. Occasionally NSFW. RT-Heavy.
thickfry Dubai So I went to Afterlife alone & met up with like 10 people I know and ended up being a crazy insane amazing night. Last minute plans are everything. 🇵🇸 | I'm gonna take a nap
Yaya__SG Suzano, Brasil You know what would be better? If they were having mind blowing sex in present time, not after 20 years of being apart and in the afterlife. REDBUBBLE: VANDAL:
CrippledJwriter Beverly Hills #crippledJwriter #crippledJwriterminiblog #3 I've always been a #atheist but I love the philosophy of #Buddhism. When my dad died a couple years ago I truly found #enlightenment . #life and #death are two sides of the same coin. #everything & #nothing.#afterlife is in mind! writer / director. this is the new arm of the CrippledJwriter Network. major projects in the works. free writing advice! let's have fun. more info coming soon.
neardeath Sacramento CA New NDE Video (37 min) | Dannion Brinkley: Mastering Life in this Incredible Time of Shift and Miracles | | #NDEs #afterlife #consciousness Near-Death News Blog aims to be your source for all news dealing with near-death experiences and related phenomena.
PlanetaryBlight Planet Piveon "If it makes you feel any better, my species lives for thousands of years. And I'm only into the 100's." He would try his best to console her. "And I'll wait for you in the afterlife. If you ever reach there, I'll be waiting." ``Behold the power of the Galactic Emperor`` #DBRP #MVRP #OpenRP Empress of North Galaxy~ @ClockEyed
HermioneClone Second good thing from today: I am very happy to announce that I have just signed a contract with @routledgebooks for "Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers and Theologies of the Afterlife: A Step Closer to Heaven." Associate Professor of English and Gender Studies at SUNY Canton. U. S. girls' and women's history, culture, and series books, 19C, WWI, pop culture, fandom.
nataliasalas266 Idc if real transformer deaths consist of rusting away and breaking apart. Let Skids be whimsical in the afterlife. Hop off my dong Some weirdo kid that draws JoJo☮💛 and mechs 🤖 *Latina* 🇨🇺 she/her ((some nsfw))
themediumplace I asked Stephen what he thought Oliver and Felicity do in the afterlife... He said that after THOROUGHLY having sex in the morning, they'd watch The Price is right, do some lawnbowling, play Pinochle, stuff of that nature #Olicity Fan Account
tatianasaggio Italy @Midgettes @Muffinus Yes, we are but we are "special" and we can go back. The Shadowlands is the afterlife... so the dog to be there must pass away. But maybe we can find the Uuna's dog. TV Graphic Designer. I write things about MMO for IGN Italy. WoW & Battle pets addicted. Lover of food/arts/design and cats.
NatRusso Austin, TX In a war that spans life and afterlife, you can't expect the dead to sit idly by. Necromancer awakening: I wrote a few bestselling novels through the years. —— Necromancer Awakening: —— Necromancer Falling:
Allison23829042 @andyguy @GlennB10809975 @stevensoileau1 @Ophlie24371321 @WmManry @rholftroy @fearing_aid @AndrewRChapman @Christgodtweet @wraith_169 @jerry_cutrer @ChadCottle @RealAnonDouche @MrStardust1969 @odktiger @CherylCrannick @jools6691 @flagfriendly @TertiusIII @fixedintime @Nuria_amb_seny @VincyBigJ @SpiritKing11 @Elishabenabuya @DiscoJerrys @wisemanryder @JerryHelton14 @Thagraysentinel @StandBackUp2 @SmokeMaster69 @TheColossis @spikeinthemidge @rjmx @vincentc143 @AStout111 @SeanWoodard18 @EmmyGre19983668 @SweetJe34582888 @YICYAC @GodlessPontiff @hackingx2 @anubismark @Texas_Trumper_ @hubie0 @HonorGodLife @manvssteam @Godless_Science @orna_verum @bonecollector48 @Martin_Riggs22 Not only that, but if all of you are not truly following the word of God then you will burn too. Steven, confess to authorities or you will face the same fate. Is 20 years in prison worth less than your immortal soul? Stop preaching about the "afterlife" and worry about your own. The Real Lilith
KNRNIsntHere @Tsooky11 @acajiex_ Tho maybe, just maybe, everyone in this muzan fight survive bcs even in Kokushi's fight when Genya & Mui died theres a good death scene, including afterlife scene, and if Sanemi died being yeeted & forgotten for some chapters *just like that* it would be forking unfair?? 29 | 🔞 NOT SAFE FOR KIDS & BIGOTED ADULT | WILL SPOIL A LOT | EN/ID/日本語 OK 👌. BL. GBF. BlCl. KAMEN RIDER. 鬼滅の刃 🎴⚡+🌪🌊🌪 | Icon : @/oO_T0C
HyperionNewU Pandora Do not worry about the afterlife, Hyperion customer! Hell is reserved exclusively for pedophiles, and people who buy Jakobs munitions. Hyperion provides you the greatest in accidental death or dismemberment insurance at an affordable cost. [bot]
TwitrPartner United States 'I loved the mystery behind the people Harper meets and how she finds out information about her past.' The Forgotten Nexus by @ ImKaitlynMeyers. FREE on KindleUnlimited. supernatural demons vampires paranormal #mystery #shifter ASMSG IAN1 Kindle ebooks The @MainChannel_ #Twitter #Promotion #Network 4 #Indies. #books #ebooks #authors #bookpromo #films #indiefilms #art #artists #supportindies - DM 4 #Promo Info.
GottaSaveBucky I saw this ad and stg I thought the product name was ‘Afterlife.’ 🤨 Marvel Nerd. Dodger Fan. No DMs #Resistance ‘Nuff said.
MisterDCMetro Washington, DC @dc_raider Of course! If someone passes out trudging up an escalator, we want the last thing they see to be that glorious light so they bask in the warmth of faith and hope for an afterlife before everything they are, were, or will be flickers into the black nothingness of nonexistence. Director General of human history's greatest public transit system. (Not official #wmata or #dcmetro communications.)
Lu_iSW I'll get there, and by there, I meant heaven.. in the afterlife.. In the next life.. I play Tekken
emmalinesadie @ddale8 Surely there will be a place in heaven or whatever pleasant afterlife you believe in for you. Having to listen to and report on this never ending repetitive drivel and lies time after time must be painful. I would want to stick knitting needles in my ears. Kindness always wins. Love is best served unconditionally. — Dan Levy
DinkinnFlicka San Diego Keeping it together during that couch scene with the old man and his birthday cards @rickygervais #AfterLife 90’s, baby
EB_Studios42 Pittsburgh, PA @McGillPatterson Sorry if I contributed to your twitter blowing up. I do recommend checking out the other material, from the second film, @straczynski's work on "The Real Ghostbusters," the 2009 game (which is essentially the third film), the IDW comic series, and the upcoming Afterlife film. Freelance artist for hire! Follow EBS on facebook at @evilbreakfaststudios on IG!
andrewjonsle gamehenge @tedcruz Spilling the beans again teddy? No need, your wife knows you won't defend her and if their is an afterlife, your JFK murdering dad knows too. We Were Happy When We Were Home.
Buddy_Dharma Boston, MA @micahtredding @BrokenBookPod IDK. I pray to Christ (a lot), but I'm skeptical of the idea of an afterlife or the concept of 'sin', I don't believe in the virgin birth, I'm not even actually sure the Christ I pray to/talk to is real and not a quirk of primate psychology. In what way am I Christian? Writer and artist. Loves horror and little kid's cartoons. He/him.
WCM_II Zionsville, IN @DailyCaller Q: If one is LGBTQ+ and becomes martyred, what or who awaits them in the afterlife? Is there a passage in the #Quran anyone can point to here? And to the Nation under God
Ge0rgep0rge London, England @rickygervais just polished off the first season of #afterlife all in one day, and It's safe to say was worth every minute. Bring on #afterlife2 #lifechanging CFC 🦁 CPFC 🦅 💛