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Riteishd There is no greater gift to someone than ‘The Gift Of Life’. @genelia & me have pledged to donate our organs. We urge you all to join this great cause and be part of ‘The Life AfterLife’. Actor, Architect, Producer : Mumbai Film Company @mfc
wilfredchan new york / hong kong lausan: here are over 150 articles we wrote and translated examining hong kong’s colonial history, afterlife and struggle of articulating decolonial self determination from empire and capital. for free western leftists: hong kongers punched in the face by a cop is decolonization contributing writer @thenation. solidarity @lausanhk @bikingpublic. keep me going: 沒有暴徒,只有暴政
TelevisionAcad Los Angeles, CA Checking In With @rickygervais from #AfterLife (@Netflix) who discusses what makes him fall in love with a television show, provides quite a bit of advice of what to do during this time, and shows us where he keeps his #Emmys (thanks Ricky we can see them 😂) #CheckingInWith Home of the #Emmys, Television Academy, Television Academy Foundation & emmy magazine. The 72nd Emmys are happening September 20 on @ABCNetwork!
moansindespair @The1stGentleman This makes me sick to my stomach. I hope all these women are resting peacefully in the afterlife and this sick fork is being tortured endlessly I'm cal. I love writing and I'm working on some books. ✊🏽🌈 Follow back-up: @literallyjustv3
trxlla_shxt 🪐🪐🪐 a lot of people been talking to me bout my mom lately or telling me stories they remember wit her and wooow mom i feel your energy thru others your never gone you haven’t came around in awhile so thank u for coming around my aura lately i hope the afterlife is treating you well🦋
PeoneDahlia @PunishDem1776 And God isn't waiting until the afterlife. #MAGA Retired #KAG Qanon Grandmother Love: Family, Freedom, Conservative Think, Doing good to make the world a little better. No lists, personals, soliciting.❌❌
TheSassJacket Directly behind you oh my God @The_Toonimator You die, and this is your guide to the afterlife. What do I freaking love making videos, dude. Biz: Brilliant artists I work with: @zelleruna @shhakesonline @Xullet @lazy_cartoonist
MZMauthor Dreamland - afterlife questions and theories - banter - corpses - some more corpses - oops, there goes another dead dude. - 2ndary characters who silently judge you - and then might stab you You won't live forever, but your words might! She/Her. Repped by @dorianmaffei of Kimberley Cameron & Associates.
SmallMACS Yesterday I pulled over to cross a turtle to the other side of the road and I thought of my babies 😔 I hope they're well in their turtle afterlife Fan Account. Living life. I don't know how to work this app. OT7. 🍲Gremlin. Might RT something NSFW. Header: @akihihko PFP: @thisiskeets
blindbvndit she/her | 18 | 🇵🇭 in my country there’s a belief that when a dog’s owner dies the dog would either die to try and save the owner or it’s going to die bc of sadness and follow d owner to the afterlife (idk if its a common superstition in the PH or it was just my aunts’ who believed in it) atla & tlok | korrasami | azula redemption arc
Dan1elMay @lucydguy1 yes i have seen the afterlife it was a tiny room with a maroon 5 poster hanging up and every five minutes a woman called chelsea comes in to call you a slur i kind of was disappointed living la dolce vita
MsTerryScience United States @maggieNYT I swear if I get covid and die before i get to vote tangelinni out november 3rd i will make it my afterlife mission to come back and haunt you.
elloconx @Byron reckful, is there a afterlife and for some i dont know magic thing , reincarnation, heaven or hell wtf it is, thanks for everthing , and rest my friend. i cant imagine the pain through the year, love u men. never ever give up!!!
xoxo_yanitsa California they said you going to jail in this life AND the afterlife 😳😈
DemonNobunaga Oda camp Die for your crime of defying the King of One Hundred Demons, and repent in the afterlife. #NobunagaBot Bow down before me.. I am the Demon King an there is only one Demon King stand against me and die
KayodeCoyote Atlanta, GA @shailynnegron why not? there’s nothing to lose and u might learn something. I just think believing there’s no higher power or afterlife and it’s just darkness after death is just a depressing way to look at things. i don’t kno what I be talking about
LeeDoughertyIII Washington, USA @WakeTheHellUp3 @NewMexico_Blue @SovietSergey @realDonaldTrump @BillClinton @HillaryClinton ✌🙏❤ Be well and enjoy the show. Hopefully I'll see you in the afterlife. Dad, Husband, Brother, Friend, and Business Owner. Fellow Patriot . 🇺🇸 God is Good.🙏 #wwg1wga
TheGrandBoi @Shego112 Good. If you see a Green star glowing and getting closer,I broke out from the Afterlife with the gang. I have nothing with Dragon Ball(Z and S) ,Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball AF. This Is just a Parody and Rp character,all arts belong to their owners.
julianrunes Asgard A viking queen and a golem, friends in arms, friends in spirit, friends in the afterlife. Thanks @sasjakoning for this free drawing of my Norse fantasy novel! #WritingCommunity #writers #artistsontwitter Epic fantasy writer. Buddhist. US Soldier. Polyglot. Mental Health Discord Server Owner. Looking for creative connections.
airrozz satan is highly misunderstood. people always chatting down on satan but, satan do nothing but punish the “bad guys” AS HE SHOULD. he deserves partial credit for some of the justice that will be served in life and the afterlife. he has one job and he does it well. ig: airrozz
s_globalist @luvscoconut @PatriotsArmy2 @GovLauraKelly I understand this life is just temporary, and all the material possessions or power in the world will never satisfy the human soul. We have something better awaiting us in the afterlife. American patriot. Firmly planted on the RIGHT side of history.
SIuzzini Texas, USA @realDonaldTrump @seanhannity Tell THAT to the 129,000 souls lost due to your incompetence. I hope there’s an afterlife. Because when most of us are reuniting w/ loved ones and pets at Rainbow Bridge waiting; You’ll be greeted by all the souls you’ve killed because you ignored this virus. You own this. I say inappropriate things at the most inopportune times. Trump has made me mean. I love “GH” I’ve seen Elton John 35 times and I bleed Pinstripes #GoYankees💜
KCORRadio Las Vegas, NV Archive July 2, 2020 The Voice of Spirit - "The Afterlife French Lady"; Brigitte brings us information about the other side and answers questions from our listeners. Archive at the bottom of her page. #KCOR #Radio #lasvegas #talkradio @leothemedium KCOR Digital Radio Network is a Paid Programming Network run by radio professionals all with over 20 years in broadcasting in local as well as national markets.
sharonbpatio West Chester, PA @rickygervais Love this show on so many levels! It's original, funny, sad, poignant, has wonderful characters, and I look forward to the continuing story! #rickygervais is so versatile which is just one of the reasons he deserves an emmy! #EmmyCampaign #AfterLife #GoldenGlobes
vpd81 NYC Ever wonder if we’re all just dead and THIS is the afterlife? Follow me. I'm funny ... or at least I think so. First-runner up, season 3 of Gayz Got Singing at RockBar NYC - So, I sing and write music, too.
PabloMe62316572 Manhattan, NY @SoniaDillo Gotta drink in the afterlife and crap 🤣 work hard play harder
annjemm I’d be mad as hell in the afterlife i’m tryna rest in peace and somebody posting pictures of my dead body for their trauma porn I support the ruining of racist’s lives.
droleum i show up at the afterlife or whatever and st peter doesn't make me look at my sins or anything boring like that, he just shows me every time i tried to type the word banana and i have to watch in real time i'm gonna throw adrian veidt inside a building through a window, for symmetry 18+ sometimes i draw things
Pol0405 He/Him @AriG0AT I think it’s because atheists try to be nice because they truly want to and many religious people only do that, as you said, to please their gods and be safe in the afterlife. Here in Mexico a lot of catholics are people I do not like and they think just because they confess they’re good now Playing — ・ I love Love Live ・ Frost DK main ・ I RT NSFW
BMoonSinger1 “Your boy will possess something that others covet and are willing to die for, and kill for.” #afterlife #deaf #music #paranormal Print, audio and ebook. #fantasy The #MoonSinger series; #suspense Whatever Became of Sin? Barbara Roman: #children Hubert in Heaven; Alicia & the Light Bulb People #nextchapterpub
PenjoWasTaken United States I looked up to Byron like a big brother. I started watching him when I was only 15 years old, and met him when I was 18. Everything that I am today is because of that man. Times like this I hope there is a great afterlife waiting for people like reckful. Rest easy Byron🕊 | Twitch Streamer | Hentai Analyst | Mid-Lane WARLORD | Top 500 Support NA | AYAYA Clap | Business Inquiries:
ImmortalBsheep Im immortal and ill work for you, yes yes yes..., ill work for you if you show me the sigil in my afterlife patrick bateman and jesus watching me.
AnnaIiseGomez Parody Account Just finished watching the #AfterLife documentary on HBO and I have to admit this is one of your best projects @ZeusNaIik and you’ve come so far and evolved. Pre-Save my upcoming single #BadLiar📝 on | Fan Acc Not Real
DaysBe4Alekks WestPalmBeach🌴🍊 just know in my afterlife when i’m dead, whether i’m in heaven or hell just know i’m stepping on ghandis glasses and taking that mans food out of his hand 17🇭🇹
LaydenRobinson San Diego, CA #CharlesBukowski meets #SlyviaPlath in the afterlife and stories and deranged emotions are composed. Read "The Havoc Tree" Here > "Don't ever be ashamed of your story. Somewhere there is someone who will be inspired by it." Contact for Social Media Assistance:
FALLINGWALLING hslot 09/29/21 @WhatAFeeling22 mmm birds in gilded cages and the afterlife fic #𝐋𝐎𝐔𝐈𝐒: 𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐡𝐜𝗼𝐚𝐭 𝐥𝗼𝐮𝐢𝐬 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬!
archiveshailees not all my gifs © to owners Apple TV+ submitted #Dickinson and Hailee Steinfeld for Emmy consideration in the following categories: 🏆 Outstanding Comedy Series 🏆 Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series: Hailee Steinfeld 🏆 Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics: Afterlife daily pics, videos & updates of the academy award nominated actress and multi-platinum recording artist hailee steinfeld
nameisnot_ National Capital Region When I say be brave, you don't mean fight it alone. You know who you trust the most. They care for you. They will stand beside you. Don't be scared. And may their conscience shake these manipulative people, if they can. Or maybe they become someone they hate in the afterlife. ♌ x boring x turbulent x daming kuda
princenarumiya inashiro @cheetahsenpai given the fact that he's crying so hard, but he continues to speak anyway* i'm going to love you for the rest of my life, kuramochi youichi. and if there's an afterlife, i'll love you then too. *he pauses to take gasping breaths before continuing* all of me is yours. take all of #成宮鳴: if you forgot who i am, let me remind you... i am the king | rp acc | japan's best southpaw | inashiro's ace | m/w: @cheetahsenpai
IndieBookButler Floating in the Bibliosphere Meet Detective Blunt. He's been murdered, rushed beyond the mortal veil, and given a job he doesn't want. The Grim Reaper's head is missing and Blunt better find it. Welcome to the afterlife. Who said anything about resting in peace? #Fantasy #Mystery The best indie reads. Half-price one-year and two-year memberships currently available!
Stupot76889707 @AfterLife_Fans @rickygervais popsicleroaches in ur face mask lol and suffer an embolism while thinking about what lol means about ur pathetic existence
Domiyu2 Poland @_Myranium_ I personally chose November to December cause those were the best months of my life. Getting together with a person I still extremely love. Plans and fantasies I made for time afterwards are cause of how everything would end in the same traumatic way on 18th of May in afterlife. Hello! I'm Domiyu. A UTAU user. VP of Ukyo Hatake. May open tuning commissions. I'm a man and @CatBal_ is best friend forever. Icon from Picrew. 日本語を学ぶ!
anothercoyote United States @TexYote And here I take long hot showers to prepare myself for the afterlife Come for the quality twitter posts, stay for the impending train wreck. Please help my addiction to ACME and don't take me seriously 99.9% of the time 🔞
_Myranium_ she/her & he/him at this point I went insane so far that I came up with a theory: what if in the afterlife we can choose whatever moment from our life that we want to relive and relive it the exact same way as when we did it alive? 14 | car fan | Asperger's | furry | ζ⃠ | EN/PL
TeasyScott Florida @The_KenDixon Big bro you know we go day 1. Family till the end and the afterlife @swervecitypod IG: @TeasyScott IG: @applypressurehealth Bookings: Merch:
ansleighwright Christian sects is their interpretation of the afterlife. They believe there will be a time during your life on earth where you must accept salvation or deny it. And that decision determines what “sect” of heaven you will be in. There are 3 sects that are separated by native🍂#stopmmiw #nomorestolensisters #blacklivesmatter #nojusticenopeace
reinavey Okay i just try playing afterlife rn and the rate is so meh. For the first summon didn't even get sr card, i was like 🙃 guess i uninstalled the game after that EN/ID | current into hypmic, mahoyaku, obey me, twst and argonavis
466gaming United Kingdom anyway, i truly hope rorochan's at peace and happy in some sort of afterlife. even though i'm an athiest, i forking wish there is some sort of utopian afterlife. it's not necessarily what i believe, but it's what i hope so forking much i tweet what's on my mind, so it can get depressing sometimes
radiationmouth Midgard @Sears_Lab Yes but they are already in the afterlife if they are in Asgard! Asgard is defended by those chosen for Valhalla and Freyjas hall that I cannot remember the name of. Human. Also a person. Serial distractor. I smack talk animals on Twitter. Avatar taken by @MJLPeers #AltMammalFact #StoatsAsMeasurement
galaxyjungkooks TRB 🇸🇬, LY 🇸🇬🇹🇭 | 한/ENG @vanjoonie Taehyung my love, you have devoted your heart and soul to make KTH1. Indeed, you make the most beautiful art. It’s been the biggest joy in my life to love you, and I’ll always continue to love you more forever, even afterlife. Thank you for being my infinite universe. #TAEHYUNG: was finding Kim Taehyung’s wife on Twitter but it said edit profile 🎷 | #백현 #정국 #슈가

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