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rickygervais Earth Thanks for all your lovely tweets about #AfterLife still flooding in after all this time. And thanks even more for always supporting the animal welfare stuff I bother you with. Best fans in the world 🙏 Godless Ape. Comedian. #TheOffice #Extras #Derek #Humanity #AfterLife #SuperNature
OpalVadhan New York City “You’re a woman trying to do something that not many other women or any women have ever done. You’ve got to stay focused. Don’t get distracted. Guys are going to be trying to say this and say that. You have to just keep going.” #GutsyWomen Hillary for America, 2x @NYWICI scholar, former intern: @WhiteHouse, @huffingtonpost, @nbcnightlynews, @MSNBC, @MTA, @RachaelRayShow, @Sony #BigDreamer
ThatKevinSmith Body? L.A. Mind? N.J. In this genius idea for a podcast, @brettgoldstein and I discuss how I eventually died and what movie (that’s NOT #JayAndSilentBobReboot) I brought with me into the afterlife! Listen to how into being dead I am! It begins with me covered in sperm, trapped in my old man's balls. Then, suddenly... ESCAPE!
HonestlyLegend ATL/JAX “Your Honor, the members of this Jury find the defendant GUILTY af”...Robert Kelly, it is the sentence of the court that you be committed to prison for the remainder of your LIFE and AFTERLIFE, court adjourned 😂 #Rkelly Aquarius ♒️/ 25 / Music keeps me going 🎶/Salvation/ Semper Fi/ Wise-Foolish, Arrogant-Humble, Childish-Mature defines me...
RayLoso3 @CNN @SpeakerPelosi @jaketapper CNN... You will blow this off and dismiss it without a thought.. but I must ask.. Is there anyone employed by your company that has any belief in a higher power, or has any conscience, or any concern for the afterlife, or cares about their own family???
sirswa77 DFW, Texas, USA @EmersenLee I am truly sorry to hear this. May he long live in your and your family and his friends hearts as he enjoys freedom and peace in the afterlife! 60 yo retired-disability; concerned Texan/American, Not PC, Toxic Male, Amateur Musician. #Constitution, #2A, #1A, #MAGA, #KAG, #NRA,
oborogurumabot Modded by @FEENL0RD The afterlife is a complex, boundless place and your karma is due! Japanese Hell's finest virtuoso.
theghostmantv The universe New Schedule 🔴 Twitch Stream, CT — Mon-Fri 7:30am-12pm * Community Games —Tues-Thurs-Sat * Afterlife Podcast — Friday at 11am 🔴 Youtube Uploads * Tues, Thurs 🔑 Check out the Ghostmansion Live 📺 And the Youtube here Father, Marine Veteran, Gamer & Poltergeist Extraordinaire. An Underdog FPS Player Twerking on His Aim 👻
HauntedAzure @swordobsessed //yeah. It is. But at least he gets to see Fe again in the afterlife!!!! And gets to love him in alternate universe!!! Haha!!!! ❝ᴅᴏ ʏᴏᴜ sᴇᴇ ᴛʜᴇᴍ ᴛᴏᴏ? ᴅᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴇᴀᴅ ʜᴀᴜɴᴛ ʏᴏᴜ?❞ | FE:3H| 18+ | RP/Parody| Pre & Post TS| N/SFW| 💙@FFraldarius💙 | #Jett | Avi credit linked ⬇️
afragilepoem mads 🦋 9.29.18 | 10.26.19 i am currently experiencing very sharp pains and i don’t know what the hell they are so if i Die tell frank iero i’ll still stream barriers in the afterlife is one more year in servitude enough to pay for all i’ve done? | met fiatfv ♡ 8.10.19 | she, 18
sword_base Maryland, USA 10) Resident Evil: Afterlife (Anderson, 2010) This movie was shot for fad 3D, and a lot of the effects and compositing don't hold up. It's the best in this franchise and includes some cool compositions, improved acting, and strong casting. It borrows smartly from the games. I'm TSAVO // they/them // Icon: @ramboleyn // Art acc: @TSAVO_HIGHWAY
creeperman129 No. @DBs_Best Gunna die in November and celebrate in the afterlife A random depressed guy who does memes sometimes. I'm also @Creeper129Alt and @toobaditssunday Follow me (of course, only if you want to :p) | Pfp by @burast_
Stilltsinc San Francisco, CA The greatest band, Metal Kills Everything, has died in a plane crash. It doesn’t end there for them. Stuck in an afterlife where musicians are death wizards, fans are soldiers, and music genres are battling kingdoms, MKE has to live up to its name. #PitchWars #fantasy #GN Comic artist and writer. GWAR. THE GOOD FIGHT. THIS NIGHTMARE KILLS FASCISTS. POPAPOCALYPSE, Madefire. A proud Hufflepuff. email at
PeaEyeEnnKay Exeter, UK, Europe, World, Sol I saw it more as God was inviting him to an eternal afterlife of bliss in Heaven and Satan placed one of those pesky doctors in his way to stop him! Still, I hope you recover soon. #ReligiousSpin #ThankTheTrainedProfessionalsNotTheMythicalSkyWizard #PraiseWherePraiseIsDue Owner of cryptic business, developer of software, geek of note, nerd of fire, hippie to many, dry of wit, curious of everything. Monkey see, monkey do.
Iowaska_ VR in your brain, digital afterlife, upload and download memories to your brain. BRING... IT... ON... Freelance Skyhighatrist #technology #futurism #cypherpunk #culture #geopolitics #conciousness #venturecapital #cryptocurrency #defence $BTC $GRIN $RVN $BAT
kathscadding @bird_in_flight_ Yes, life is harder w/out a belief in a god or afterlife. And i still haven't worked out what happens to our psychic energy when we die. Have had a couple of psychic exp & wonder how we can experience s/thing in the mind, 2hrs or 2wks before it happens!
sanope00 @AbraclamLincoln No because why do you assume the afterlife is only heaven? I would’ve think of many other things before concluding there must be a heaven. And I consider myself a good person yes, however how good, I don’t know. As with anyone, I could probably do better. Norwegian humanist🇳🇴 History student🤓🏛 19 years old👩🏻‍🦰 I love dogs, school and food❤️
ZeeInTheMoment Planet Earth 💖🌎🌝 @meaculpau27 @DebHaslam She was on the series about afterlife with Ted Danson or something and now on some dumb comedy show on an off network. 🇺🇸#Patriot 🇺🇸 #KAG #QArmy #WalkAway #WWG1WGA #TrumpTrain #MAGA #GreatAwakening #QAnon @POTUS #TrumpLandslide2020 👀👉👀👈
NagualEmpire Teotihuacán We don't have time to waste our energy on petty crap, forgive those unnecessary grudges and mend those relationships imagine carrying these energetic burdens to your death bed. crap will eat at you in the afterlife. Divine Sovereignty 🔥
Debbie429Flower @HillaryClinton You may not pay for your crimes in this world but you will certainly pay in the afterlife. I pray that you get down on your knees and ask Jesus Christ to forgive you and repent before it's too late. You are on your way to an eternity in hell otherwise. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP!
Stormways @peskyblunders If they're still available on Netflix would recommend Afterlife and several seasons of stand alone dramas under the Black Mirror (Charlie Brooker) umbrella. My advice? Make a list.
Rainybun1 In the tall grass --Are they just not real and blink out of existence when their arc is wrapped up? Or Ghosts that ascend to the afterlife? Is everything outside of Springfield not real in their world and everything is simulated but they have to avoid copyrights and stuff and that's why-- Mostly #thesimpsons stuff. She/Her. Feels strongly about many things. Could do with more followers tbh. forever Stans the mackleberry sisters
SoyBeanSunrise @Skanderbeg16 @Styx666OfficiaI @Styx666Official @elephants_red @getongab @benshapiro @charliekirk11 @AnnCoulter @michellemalkin @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle And paganism I like too, because they're spiritual. And I'm spiritual myself And there's an assumption religion might say oh they're going to go this or that dark, abysmal place in the afterlife... But every religion says that about nonadherants. People still should b friends So why a dairy cow? She lives four years at most. She's milked by a machine. Her babies are taken. She's raped by bulls. END THE BOVINE PATRIARCHY SUPPORT SOY
ElizabethHrib Halifax, Nova Scotia TO ALL THE BOYS x THE ADDAMS FAMILY. Crushing on a boy when you spend most of your free time in a cemetery is complicated. But purveyor of the second-sight and afterlife management specialist, Juni, has a plan. If only her ghost chorus would stop interfering already. #PitMad #YA YA author of The Dark In-Between -- MAY 2020 (Swoon Reads/Macmillan). Nurse by day. Writer by night. #roaring20sdebut
devstlaurent Baton Rouge, LA Brooooo imagine that being your mom cosigning all of this lmao 😭 i’d disown her bottom from the afterlife and all “life is great, without it you’d be dead” - Gummo (1997)
KatharineLind Kaurna Yarta The Black Page The page opens its dark portrait of a rectangular mouth and says believe in alas. Believe in mourning and a proper afterlife which you will come to understand once you strip off, fall in and swim in ink. Jo Shapcott #poem Reading room 📚 Natural history🦎 science 🔬 biodiversity 🕸️ arts 🎨 poetry 🗝️music 🎼 et al. Interested in different ways of seeing. Mission: Imposseros. She/Her.
laurshahan Tranquility Base Hotel&Casino Can you imagine getting through an entire lifetime on Earth and then having to spent an ETERNITY in some sort of AFTERLIFE? With absolutely no way out?? I absolutely cannot.
AbraclamLincoln Texas, USA @ReillyOToole1 As far as my questions to you, do you believe there's an afterlife? And if so, do you consider yourself a good enough person to go to heaven? Four score and seven leagues under the sea...
WrittenWard Bedford, England The Matrix meets Space Opera Death is not the end. Marisa didn't expect to die, nor to wake up in a virtual afterlife. Yet even now she isn't safe from harm; dark forces threaten the Uploaded from both inside their world and the "real" one. #A #PitMad #SF Author of sci-fi & fantasy. Links to published work can be found here Streams. On Instagram
Il_mostro_ @RHeidenger @RichardBSpencer Christianity teaches us to avert our eyes from the ultimate things, teaching us to revere meekness instead of strength, sexual restraint instead of unashamed virility and an absurd afterlife in God's shadow in exchange for tame deferral of our sensuality in the here and now
FrankieZeFoX Clovis, CA Spit on my face and fart in my mouth That crap will either make me laugh or turn me on in the afterlife. Keep calling me Abra Cadabra
7th_nature Thats what i do in the afterlife i have perfected growing universes but you fags keep ruining them 136 planets i had to destroy just because of you "don this is darkside talking through me why the fork are you checking me" yes 136 planets died and i had to hammer crush them all
Eu4Nato Netherlands @Zak_Bagans you are right about the form we take in the afterlife a sphere free of al that is heavy both fysical and mental Eu
azcontour Kings weren’t chosen randomly. Bloodlines that carry DNA (it’s not just 3 dimensional) from certain entities were chosen willingly. Carrying a golden crown is an oszillator amongst other things, and will be taken into the afterlife. The Contour you need. Designer. Fashion/Art/Original thoughts. E- Mail:
raypratama123 Indonesia @oliyviadv Indeed, when you are a sinner all of your life and feeling scared about afterlife 😭😭 The old me does not exist anymore!
rmavirumquecano Brooklyn, NY In the hit TV series, The Good Place, the character Jeff functions as the Doorman between the afterlife and our own world. Jeff also exhibits a curious obsession with frogs. Given the show's katabatic themes, one can see a clear allusion to Aristophanes' Frogs. In this paper I Lecturer in Classics @fordhamnyc. "Actual Professor," "Enemy of the Canon," Wizard of Brooklyn. Classics and Social Justice. he/him/his #ClassicsTwitter
RockwallEagle Rockwall, TX @DevinNunes Of course she hates Trump ... she actually hates any Republican. Time to start calling her out ... and she is the queen of killing the unborn. It will become a problem for her in the afterlife. Private Investor
jesswegrzyn @HillaryClinton Boy you have some damn nerve. You’ve brought shame to yourself, your family and your supporters. There’s a special place reserved for your kind in the afterlife. married & a mom PRAY FOR TRUMP!
lesbiansforlwj call me fey | she/her i’m literally unable to cope with the idea that wen qing doesn’t know wen ning survived so guess what. she does know bc she’s in the afterlife with her gf jiang yanli and their favorite pastime is doing sports commentary on wwx’s love life jiang cheng good boy agenda | shares one brain cell with @hyacinthsuns
BobKatEmporium Belfast I want ghostbusters afterlife trailer now or big Dave will come and rip off a Sony executive's arm. (note Dave probably will not and we are not friends @DaveBautista) Collectors and Sellers of Comics, Marvel, Wrestling Memorabilia and 80s and 90s toys
_vishuponastar_ Chennai, India @docfingerguns If I get my hands on Koch and his close friend Kocher in the afterlife... 🇮🇳 🏥👨‍🎓 (final year!!!), I am Medical Student hear me Write Finals || vaccinate your kids. don't use my tweets for antivaxx talking points || he/him
lesbiansforlwj call me fey | she/her it’s my personal opinion that jiang yanli and wen qing are out there chilling in the afterlife being gay & clowning wwx at every opportunity jiang cheng good boy agenda | shares one brain cell with @hyacinthsuns
revenantkioku Japan I am still surprised how much better I feel this morning. Like, I actually slept. Did I die and this is the afterlife? I have not felt this good in the morning in so long. I like making and doing things.
raawrsome London, England @IamArenas Honestly, she could murder me and I'd thank her from the afterlife. 🤷‍♂️ • hello, can I ask you to spare a few minutes to discuss our Lord and Sabre™? • functions on iced coffee, bad jokes & glitter • ♏✨ • I ♡ @KingKicks •
WillcityZ +Angels infinite Heaven Amen+ = Will states = Hell does not exist = hell is not red = we die and go to a dream state and the next dimensional same afterlife , we all share heaven based on any religion , race , gender , and thinking anything else , does not change it , we can all enter afterlife one day Amen + ⌛️ = ADMIN Private Website = We Won ! 2020 + Go Give Space command info = Sir ! yes Angel »
diorinix Edmonton, Alberta @Thisisjdf @SamuelHBlack It's generally argued that fear of God, or rules set by God are the path man is to follow in order to follow Christ's example. If you are of the belief that the crucifixion absolves man of the original sin, and repentance is what leads to heaven, how is that not afterlife reward? Games, social justice, politics, industry. He/him. Husband, brother. Learning to garden, loves to cook.
harrisbt13 Virginia, USA @OurLadyHekate @HadesRises @InThePantheon I do have a point. I feel like the worse thing you can do is piss off the god of the dead. I mean yeah, Zeus and Poseidon can strike you down with unimaginable force, but Hades? He like, rules over your afterlife...I I missing something? Author of Heir of the Dark Lords and Aufterra Chronicles on Amazon. #writingcommunity #darkfantasy Check out my blog
WillcityZ +Angels infinite Heaven Amen+ = All big bang light aura origin energy beings in universal creation share the same time energy and value in the essence of everyone sharing energy we can learn a piece in and our spiritual value not affected by anyones opnion in life only your Quasar in the afterlife Heavenss z+ ⌛️ = ADMIN Private Website = We Won ! 2020 + Go Give Space command info = Sir ! yes Angel »
ChannelFireball Santa Clara, California @Nicholashogan Thoughts from our Community Manager (who is NOT a pro): Use afterlife tokens to feed Doom and protect Kaya while Ashiok speeds up the exile? The #1 Source for Magic Strategy on the Internet
theheineman Salt Lake City, UT @Timcast Climate change killed everyone in December 2016, and this is just purgatory while the afterlife takes care of the backlog. Do all the things. Go all the places and see all the things. Read all the books. Eat....most of the things. Posting random poetry, and the Elmo fire gif.