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rogbennett New York City If you believe in afterlife and are an Everton fan, do you believe you must have done terrible, terrible things in past lives to deserve this suffering and shattered hope? NBC Gent, co-host of Men In Blazers, proud purveyor of Sub-Optimal Radio. (Tweets sent to me may be used, shown on Men In Blazers worldwide) & #AmericanFiasco
Sanjay_Dixit Jaipur Secular rape and murder. Please do not bother the liberal conscience. They are busy with downers. This will guarantee 72 hoories to Majidur in his afterlife. His God rewards such conduct, ask any Maulana. IAS//DMET//BITS// Author, Krishna Gopeshvara, Krishna Yogeshvara// Fighter of bigger battles// Chmn Jaipur Dialogues//Ex-Prez, RCA//Election & Culture Expert
JonnyGeller London Readers rarely remember plots of novels, they remember scenes, images and intense moments. Most of all, they remember feelings. Without inducing a feeling - terror, pity, empathy - there is no afterlife in a book. The trick is to make us feel it without telling us. #writing Lit Agent -CEO, Original Talent/Chairman @CurtisBrown agency. De-mystifying publishing one tweet at a time. Tedx Talk on writing-
RedLnternreview SSJ3 honestly feels like the biggest asspull of a form out of all of them for me. Goku’s just like “Oh while I was training in the afterlife I gained a new form” and it looks like... that. Give me Blue any day over 3 honestly Brian He/Him Bored nerd who occasionally shouts about whatever comic he's reading at the time and for some reason people tolerate it.
hugh_bothwell Kingston, Ontario @1pckt @Atilathehun3 @HLebwohl @TakeThatHistory @brad_feinman @DoubleDoubleJon @wolfgar77 @Apphouse50 @FactsAreTrumps @RealAnonDouche @SteveMcRae_ @HaircutSpock @TakeThatEpi @NoScienceDenial @evoisamyth @ScientiaPercept @sallyforthe @LeeTWimberly @username4what @JohnJotink @rkdoctr @spikeinthemidge @occasionatheist @geraldpayne25 @AprilLigeia @sim999 @umfpt @Melanie33720945 @NuckChorris16 @eldrave20 @jools6691 @Jim1810 @TakeThatStraw @hauxton @GenesisWonWon @EBatterson @RTC_127 @Caitanyadas1 @TJimjones @Canna420Uk @DavidPsbdivinyl @JaTapps @wiguy45 @firefighter5511 @DiscoJerrys @guy_JustaGuy @JimSanoBC79 @andyguy @R0samond @BlackPanther963 Honesty is the best thing I can say to you: There is absolutely no evidence for God, Satan, angels, demons, Jesus, miracles, souls, sin, Heaven, Hell, or an afterlife of any sort. Maybe you should put all that junk aside and check out reality for a change? Programmer, mathie. Gravity: an invention of the powers that be to keep the masses down. (That's sarcasm, btw. "Research" Cavendish torsion balance exp't.)
Captn8Top Philadelphia, PA Time of death: 7:02 PM Monday, September 16th 2019. The red rocket was a faithful stead. Remember well by all and last remaining Pontiac in the family. May he walk with whitey and the emerald in car afterlife. Just a man operated by a very complex series of ropes and pulleys
jeeyonshim Using straightforward card prompts, each person will take turns describing their call to battle, their ride into glory, their fall on the field of combat, and finally their journey into the afterlife, all with the steadfast loyalty of their trusted mount. Also a playtest! Survival skills through storytelling // I teach outdoor education and design LARPs that spark deep connection with the natural world. AMA! // she/her
edwin_klein New Jersey, USA @JacobMi75478749 @sleepyjoe2 @Franklin_Graham I firmly believe that humans are just animals, and yet I've not lost site of my responsibilities to my family, work, neighborhood. Are you a decent person only because of your fear of god and possible repercussions in the afterlife? Avid photographer, rational thought, science, breweries and wineries.
politicalcomic New York, NY @brenner_colleen @ChuckCallesto @Ilhan Yitzhak Rabin is waiting for him in the afterlife, ready to see him face judgement for how he’s disgraced The Jewish people with his greed and unquenchable bloodlust. Justice is warming herself beside the flames of Hell while waiting for #BenjaminNetanyahu #911Truth #YitzhakRabin American Agitator - Fake Doctor - #FreeJulian #FreeAssangeNOW #911Truth #Tulsi2020
FilmFatale_NYC NYC @XLNB Lol! So true - the Old Testament is chock full of stories of God smiting and canceling folx into the afterlife. Film/TV critic: Entertainment Weekly, Forbes, NYTimes, EbertVoices, The Urban Daily. Creator and host #TheSpectrumLounge
addycromwell @senatemajldr There is a special place in the afterlife for people who lie so blatantly. You refused Obama his right to nominate with #MerrickGarland, then rushed through an assaulter. Someday, you’ll be held accountable for the atrocities you have allowed and committed.
sohowwasgame @ari_covert And if someone were not dead, but travelling in one of the afterlife planes, could Speak With Dead be used to speak with them? I love TTRPGs! I started this account to find out about everyone's campaigns, their characters, their sessions. Tell me all about your games! (he/him)
SonOfDioBrando Naples, Italy @omoibochi Very nice, Omoibochi. However I will need to rid them from this world and plunge them into eternal suffering. That said, Doppio will go on to live peacefully in the afterlife. The Boss; Formerly Team Bucciarati 💛🎹🎹🎹🇯🇵🇮🇹Arrivederci~ Still 15
JatengTV Semarang, Jawa Tengah If there is an afterlife, I want my soul intact, and then maybe I'll see you there TV Online dari Jawa Tengah untuk Indonesia
n4t4sh4__ @eenmyraa HAPPY BIRTHDAY ..I WISH YOU THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS AND AFTERLIFE 🎈🎈💕💕🎀🎀🙌🙌💓💓 natasha is here
Adam9Green Saddleworth Spent months trying to get the Mrs to watch #Afterlife. We're now on our 5th episode of the evening and she's just said: "I really didn't like @rickygervais before, but this is ******* hilarious!" Bit of a backhanded compliment 😂 Ex-Royal Navy 🇬🇧⚓Served on @HMS_Massive👊 Soft Tissue Therapist @OfficialOAFC ⚽️ Thoroughly enjoy sticking my elbows in to people💪
BillSmithers12 Texas @michellmybell1 @sariel2005 @Jo__Edge @NotLordByron @PaulDubuisson @BeyondTheSea101 @evoisamyth @S4R41_K44R @sbplama @ScientiaPercept @pray2pesci @PickleR17381175 @zalphaprime @SSpence64 @ImNotASkeleton2 @AlmightyAmadeus @TJMair @behindthewalI @dougstone2019 @Tokyogreen @TakeThatEpi @A_Draeros @Simple_Shaman @MysteriousWay15 @ei9iw @YTWonderLady @ellen5e @chromosomegrav1 @mark_georgiou @EyesWid17521280 @Cant_Read_Maps @Schmoop0521 @PredatoryStare @SDarkmore @Catheri77148739 @dhniceday @JustSayingWhat1 @Duffy19James @BryanPa03292897 @KerridwinR @heart3626 @Atheist_1978 @rithcee @4TH31ST And yet when asked, all atheists admit to believing in something supernatural like ghosts, afterlife, fate, karma or Bigfoot 100% alive
AhlgrimAcres Palatine, IL Interesting fact; A Viking funeral is thought of as a body, placed on a boat, and set a flame. This was not always the case, sites have been found of Vikings buried in their boats, some with other bodies. These are thought to be slaves, buried to accompany them in the afterlife. Our one of a kind mini golf experience is open to the public, from families to community groups. We are available by appointment only.
1337_Zero Berlin, Germany @Zenoarior @khbachir2014 @JosephCacace @SherifGaber evolution is a proven fact. proof for your god or his afterlife? 0. you're a cult member who worships out of fear. if your god punishes good people just for not believing in him hes not worthy of worship. what idiot sells his freedom and reason for a 0% chance in an afterlife? Fullstack JavaScript developer, Exmuslim, German/Egyptian. Not a member of your tribe.
caesarinos ic: crisalys ♡ ⭐️🌻/🐬🍒/🔫🍓 5.FFFFNFNFFNRHDHDHDJDNFMDFFFFF forkWRS. vegeta’s whole bottom life voluntarily revolves around goku and goku goes “it’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other :) let’s just talk” while they’re fighting an enemy that can destroy the afterlife. shut thefork UP. jakuramu could NEVER #DIO: share if you’re always waking up pregnant┊@catboynation💘┊🏳️‍🌈🐛🏫
notjunghs ariana | bts so eve created periods, cramps and pain of childbirth? i’m beating her bottom in the afterlife
4444Studio Chicago, IL Holy Ghost is a cheater and as well taking control out of are will in the afterlife unless we flight hime right now! @God No way in hell. God have more powerful values close to Anti-Christ and Magic Truth as well have no power in hell or control of hell! Khristian4444Studio:(Men)(Him)(He)(Black)(Illustrator)(Lead- Artist)(Lead-Writer) (Songinfina M.IA.C.F) (1/12-28/2020 Release Date!) (Indie) Age 27 (Single)
Itsgottobesaid Sydney @rickygervais Afterlife brilliant TV but actually gruelling as well and, unfortunately, real life is even tougher out there. Still mustn't grumble..... Is shimmying down life's boardwalk. A lover of life. A citizen of earth. Fascinated by the universe.
ThatsMyMitch @testtube27 It could be cool to see different versions of the afterlife for force user; i.e. Jedi get force ghosts & can appear and disappear to whomever they chose, but a Sith can only exist in areas of great dark side concentration or in the place of their death, limiting them in that way Another man born under punches. Nerd. Lover of all things cat and Star Wars related. Aspiring happy person. I will do my best to make you laugh.
MRT_scotslass69 Scottish soldier died days after leaving Afghanistan Another year gone and the pain never eases. @rickygervais nails the impact of grief in #AFTERLIFE #AfterLife2 pain and laughter hand in hand 🦋💖🎶
BYLERSTYRUS lg(b)t. she/they. crackhome. headcanon that richie didn’t believe in afterlife all of his life until eddie and stan were gone and then he wished more than anything for there to be some afterlife after death i’m on display for all you forkers to see
ellen3610 Kerrville, TX @Bryan_Duncan I am sorry for your loss. It will hurt for years. If you believe in an afterlife, it is comforting to think she is in heaven and happy, not lonely, in pain, or afraid. Freelance writer on Co-Author of Removing the Mask: Identifying and Developing Giftedness in Students in Poverty. Gifted Consultant.
falahi_ali @LavagnaMatthew @SarahTheHaider It you’ll burn in hell! Lol they care about the dead and afterlife more than the living and their present
HarrieeTom Future would be good but then, everyone deserves some glory has to go round with time. Maybe we have great depression because they only Try to make us this k about afterlife..never about the moment. we even for get the moment totally and even call it vanity. Are you saying the Singer|songwriter|actormodel|digital marketer|social media feed designer|fashion shopper|photographer IG:harrieetom
thecarmengames CAPTAIN MARVEL @HaileeSteinfeld Stream Dickinson November 1st and stream Afterlife September 19th long story short, I'm into film and television
SharmatThe Have you ever felt creeping existential dread about your future and a desire to escape thinking about it, but also at the same time are terrified of death because you're not sure if there's an afterlife? Non-binary agender. Buddhist. Flaming Bisexual. Generalized Anxiety/Depression. Memes. Some kind of socialist/leftist
polyphanes How to gladly and peacefully embrace death and accept my demise? I'm talk about... imminence here, not just broad… — That really depends on the religious and spiritual tradition you believe in or practice; there's no one afterlife… ♂️⚔️🏳️‍🌈👻🔯 Software engineer, Hermetic mage, Lukumí priest, geomancer extraordinaire, writer, baby-eating dingo.
ShopGMOFreeUK Gwyn ap Nudd as psychopomp, Leader of the Wild Hunt, Lord of the Wildwoods and King of the Faeries, is the guide of both the quick and the dead into the Celtic Otherworlds beyond the mists of Avalon. Read more about him here Freely download the first and only app to give the GM status of more than 10,000 foods in UK stores today.
akilamantado Yaad I'm gonna have to read The Ministry of Illusion: Nazi Cinema and Its Afterlife by Rentschler then watch the film. Ugh 😕. Reviewer | Beta Reader | Poetry Acolyte. • Come, tie bright ribbon-grass round your waist / Let you and I bloom redemption in this place. • She/Her
cobyrose7 Manchester, England @CarefreeRash Peaky blinders Money heist Rick & Morty Sex Education Lucifer Afterlife Btw if you’ve not seen Dave Chappelle Sticks and Stones, you have to see that. That’s not a suggestion, it’s an order. 18. Manchester born and bred 💪 🇬🇧🇮🇱 #MUFC
HyPete47 Hungary @WoIfsmensch Please stay strong for her. I loved all the pictures and stories you sent me. I dont believe in afterlife but I hope she is in a good place watching over you. Still really not fair, she should be by your side when you finish work.. fork sup im 21, gay, furry, beginner artist :3 ~ i stan pop divas, cartoons, and hitman™ ~ im very friendly but also shy and moody
chasiutowel jl: for zzj’s interview live acting i want him to make up a post-canon scenario about jgy dying in guanyin temple and then meeting nmj in the afterlife 😂😂😂 director nie pushing for da ge fix-it and nieyao agenda towel | she/they 🆗 | 20+ | nsfw | i’m into gbf, cnovels (mxtx, meatbun + misc.) & mobage! mostly rts and live(+ life)tweeting
scrimmins53 Maine, USA I can’t help but fantasize what Mrs. Heiskel of the NYT and Ms. Graham of WP of years gone by would say about this man if they were having drinks together in the afterlife... Retired. Living in beautiful Maine. I intend to not go gentle but rather rage against the dying of the light. #ItsNotOK (I take notes...)
Garmon321 @ArmoredChocobo @AlaskaTrucker18 @gameinformer Also it's not the entire topic, there is still another angle to Death Stranding which is all about death and afterlife and spooky ghost people.
RazcalVida I think folks get so caught up on putting together a plan that they lose interest and forget to even start. Don’t do that, go for the gusto. Nothing is sure, only the afterlife. @RazcalLife
jowday black lodge i don't have special thoughts on the afterlife but... i don't know, after hearing other people's experiences I'm starting to think when you're unconscious you're bound to feel something. When my mother fainted for minutes she said she heard her father's voice and saw light, and- a Lagertha and white womans whore
dragoneddied New York, NY they also absolutely loathed Bon Jovi's It's My Life because they said it promoted selfishness and was sacrilegious because it was inherently anti afterlife Writes fiction on the internet | Runs @sludgelit | Editor @SURFACEScx | Book reviewer @NeutralSpaces
NW21NW United Kingdom Bodyworks, Afterlife and defected alll booked ready for next week 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 if it’s not iconic or tragic, it’s not worth it.
James21885765 @rickygervais hi Ricky I just wanted to say thankyou my fiance lost her mother not to long ago and we had trouble communicating afterwards. then out of the blue we thought we'd watch afterlife and it honestly helped me understand what she was feeling thankyou #legend
jowday black lodge reading stories about people's afterlife experiencies and someone said that people who feel warmth and see light were always good deep down, but those who felt nothing but pitch darkness, cold and trapped have a bad soul and I'm like a Lagertha and white womans whore
kelliehuk23 Wigan, Lancashire, UK @EvansSweeney @rickygervais Liz you are truly amazing and an inspiration, I wish I hadn’t found you & Dave cos that would mean we didn’t have a shared connection which is #bileductcancer 💔 I loved #AfterLife although it was my dad I lost, I laughed when am sure I shouldn’t have & cried lots #SoSeeYou #ynwa Love @dannyfuk99, my mum, my @ArchieDog4 #bordercollie #LakeDistrict #Anglesey #themoon 🌕 #BWFC ⚽️ miss my daddy who died in 2015 every day 💔 #bileductcancer
GoldLion_32 Hide and seek is the afterlife #God
GIRLEMPOWER Phoenix, AZ Both having been outcast at some point, they were very different, yet the loss of Daniel Johnston and Ric Ocasek within a week of each other still feels eerily profound to me. If there’s an afterlife I hope they’re playing something somewhere together❤️ ❤️
nyxulriic @LionOfLucis It’s an embodiment of your soul. Galahdans believe when you die you approach Ramuh, and if you can tell him your true name you pass on to the afterlife, or your next life, depending on what you believe. Giving your partner your true name like this is giving them a piece of your- reigning warp tag champion. @HighnArse69 adopted me into the family. [ ғғxᴠ ʀᴘ/ᴘᴀʀᴏᴅʏ | 𝟷𝟾+ ]

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